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More than a workout

Exercise is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle.  At I Perform we take time to listen to you, and to learn what your fitness goals are and why those goals are important to you.   Once we know what is important to you we will educate you and encourage you every step of the way.  DEVELOP, ENCOURAGE, and TRANSFORM are not just words.  These words represent who Jordan Taylor is, what he wants to do in life and why he created I perform! Developing the best version of ourselves is the hardest path any  of us will ever face.  On this path it will be challenging and we will need encouragement from others and ourselves. However, if you walk down this path your life will be transformed in a way that is unimaginable. 


Training Expertise

Coach Taylor's passion for helping others improve their fitness dates back to when he was a child and had a desire to help his sister to be active  and to help her work on her coordination. Taylor has been a personal trainer since 2013 and has served as the strength and conditioning coach for the Lake Erie College Baseball team,  Euclid High School and worked in this capacity with local sports organizations in the Cleveland, OH area.

Your Success is Our Goal

 Eric Thomas said "you can't make me want what I don't want.        If you don't want to be a better version of yourself, if you don't want to build and leave a positive legacy for your family and if you don't want to give your children all the opportunities to be successful and to pursue their passions we can't do it for you. However, we strongly believe that if you practice healthy habits, and surround yourself with positive like minded people you will be able to obtain a healthy lifestyle and accomplish anything you desire!


What to expect

I perform clients will be pushed to new levels, have fun, be part of an incredible community, and will have their successes celebrated.  Clients will also receive a free body fat % analysis, an individualized fitness plan, guided coaching from certified strength and conditioning coaches and have the ability to receive additional nutritional coaching developed from your specific DNA. 


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